Monday, April 14, 2014

Students Go Crazy for Kahoot! Why You Should Play...

I've been using Kahoot! the past couple of weeks.  Students absolutely love it!  And so do I.

Here's why I think you should be playing Kahoot! with students in your classes:
  • All students answer every question on their own.  This is perfect for a 1:1 environment.  Students can use anything that that has a web browser. 
  • A display of how many students answered each item appears after each question.  As a teacher, it will be very clear to you when the class is getting it and when they don't. 
  • You can download all responses at the end of the game.  I've used this to see which students are struggling with certain concepts.
  • The games are so easy to find.  I've probably played this game 10 times in the last two weeks.  I've created a grand total of....... one game!  Some games I've found and used include four different geometry games, grammar games for each of the last three concepts, and a Bill of Rights review game.  Also, in the last two weeks, the amount of public games has gone from 80,000 to 102,000!
  • Games are easy to share with colleagues.  Just e-mail them the link to the game or share within the site.
  • Students can create their own games.  Two of my Tech Club students created their own ten-question game with images in about 20 minutes.  They figured it all out on their own.
  • Encourage students to take their time when answering.  Since students get more points if they answer quicker, they get too excited about being the first to answer each question and lose focus.
  • Limit students from talking in between questions.  They will want to talk about their score after every single question, guaranteed!

If you start using Kahoot! in your classroom, I guarantee it will be a crowd pleaser and a great way to review almost any type of concept!

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